Mahindra Powerol SA receives new order for 68 diesel generators

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Mahindra Powerol South Africa

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In a significant development, Mahindra Powerol has secured an order for 68 40kVA generators, slated for assembly at the Brakpan works in South Africa. The increasing prevalence of load shedding and other unique challenges in South Africa has greatly impacted telecommunications services in remote areas.

Neal Palmer, Managing Director of Mahindra Powerol South Africa, elaborated on the decision: “In India, our OEM is a major supplier to the telecom industry. Given India’s own power generation issues, Mahindra Powerol has spent two decades developing purpose-designed equipment that complies with stringent local emission standards. This, along with the high fuel economy requirements, played a pivotal role in us meeting the specifications of the local tender.”

Mahindra Powerol’s extensive research center in India, staffed with over 2,000 engineers, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing powerful engines capable of swiftly adapting to load changes.

Neal Palmer added, “We are excited to offer this cutting-edge technology through our local South African network of dealerships, and we look forward to contributing to the uninterrupted supply of telecommunications services in our country.” This order marks a significant step towards enhancing the reliability of telecommunications infrastructure in South Africa.

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